Ue4 functional testing

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S6 Aaron.Even though the network is a well covered subject in UE4 documentation, a small tutorial explaining how to get started with a really simple application is really missing.

In this article, I propose you to implement a multiplayer small game over the network, and we will see how easy it is using Unreal Engine if we know where the things must be placed and what configuration must be done.

These are the things to know before starting. We always want to start coding but some knowledge about the concepts used in UE4 networking is mandatory to avoid losing time later. First of all, the UE4 multiplayer is based around the client-server model. The server side will be in charge of managing all the rules of the game, while the client side will be in charge of managing the player inputs. The connection between both will be mostly managed by the UE4 framework. Knowing this rule is important to know where all the data must be placed and managed: for instance, the score is typically something we will want to manage on the server side, meaning it will be stored by the server replicated to the clients and updated by the server.

The important classes for the server, the ones which will be storing the state of the game and manage it, are respectively GameState and GameMode. All the data required by the clients should be stored in the GameState. Then, this is what will basically happen on player connection on the server side: the GameMode will receive an event with the connection of the player the PlayerController will be a parameter of the eventthe GameMode will then spawn a Pawn, and will affect the Pawn to PlayerController the PlayerController will possess the newly created Pawn.

After this, the player on the client side will be able to control the Pawn created by the server. Finally, the last important thing to know is that if we want something to be replicated to all the players, it must be marked as Replicated and it must be run on the server side. According to this, the next steps to implement our multiplayer game are just: — Defining the Pawn that will be controlled by the client — Handling the connection of the players and giving them Pawns to control — And test it.

For this tutorial, the game we will make will be really simple: each player will control a ball which will move up when the space bar is pressed. The Pawn will be created on the server side.

The GameMode will be in charge of spawning them and they will be managed by the server. By default, a Pawn is replicated over the network, but we have to define that we want the components to be replicated.

Now, in the GameMode, we will react to the connection of a player by spawning a new SpherePawn and making the player possess it:.

On the client side, we will create a PlayerControllerthat will call the MoveUp method of its Pawn when the space bar is pressed:. MoveUp needs to be run on the server side, because it needs to be known by all clients. Everything is almost setup. We just have to select the right GameMode, and then we can just start the game with two players:. Then, when Play is clicked, two windows should show up.

When the space bar is pressed in one, the associated Sphere should move in both windows. When the space bar is pressed in the other window, the other sphere should move in both windows. The Content folder for this project can be found here: MultiSphere.

ue4 functional testing

In this tutorial, we have seen the basic principles of Unreal Engine 4 network and how to set up quickly something working. If you follow the other tutorials on the net, you can now make something great.Unit Testing.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Unit TestingPM. I was recently turned on to the idea of unit testing and test-driven development TDDa staple of programming and software development in other industries to my knowledge.

As a result, I thought I'd give it a try with a UE4 project. It's practically impossible to unit test a UE4-based project as far as I can tell - the dependencies run too deep and are crazy to try and mock up.

Does anyone in the community unit test their projects?

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It seems like a very simple and logical solution to code maintainability and testing, and is something that practically everybody else likes to do, but when it's combined with UE4 it seems like one hell of a headache. Any insight would be appreciated. Last edited by HateDread ;PM.

Complex-to-Add I think I've seen some others as well, but I couldn't find them with my searches, I'm sure they're there with the correct search terms though.

Following this point is more of a tangental rant from my part The problem for me is that I do a lot of experimental programming, and writing games is also very similar to that, which I guess is why most game programmers avoid it. Another problem is of course time constraints, especially within the gaming industry. That article seems well written, and it basically condenses most of the basic principles in Kent Beck's excellent book on the subject "Test Driven Developement: By Example".

It's pretty old, but it's still probably the best book I've read on the subject and they also mention it in the articlebut later on they also touch on the biggest problem that I also mentioned regarding experimental programming part 3 in the series.

Last edited by Temaran ;PM. Reason: added rant warning :O. It was moved there from my github though. Comment Post Cancel. Hi Temaran, Thanks for the detailed reply - I was worried that the topic would be dismissed as not applicable to games. I'll be following up those resources soon, too, so thanks a bunch! What you're saying totally makes sense when it comes to experimental programming, which a lot of games is.

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I'm working at an arch viz. I think there are even some simple cases off of the top of my head for a game without as much planning - if you ended up with a base class common to most things, i. I totally get what you're saying, though. Your point about keeping the architecture robust, and code well-structured; is TDD and its effects not a way to help achieve this?

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Makes it harder for bugs to get through, and forces everyone to really think about what method x and y should really be doing. I'll check that book out, thank you. And don't worry about the tangent - I really appreciated it! I'd happily talk through program architecture with you if you had the time - I'm always looking to improve that part of my programming skillset.

ue4 functional testing

Thanks again! Last edited by HateDread ;AM. You are probably right that base classes might be better targets for TDD than leaf classes.The Automation System is built on top of the Functional Testing Framework, which is designed to do gameplay level testing, which works by performing one or more automated tests. Most tests that are written will be functional tests, low-level core or Editor tests that need to be written for using the Automation Framework system. These tests that are written can be broken down into the following categories depending on their purpose or function:.

API level verification tests. See TimespanTest. System-level tests that verify such things as PIE, in-game stats, and changing resolution. See EditorAutomationTests. Smoke tests are just considered a speed promise by the implementer. They are intended to be fast so they can run everytime the Editor, game, or commandlet starts.

They are also selected default in the UI. All Smoke tests are intended to complete within 1 second. More thorough testing of a particular system to avoid crashes, such as loading all maps or loading and compiling all Blueprints.

This enables your QA testing to quickly compare screenshots to identify potential rendering issues between versions or builds. For a long time, automation tests were spread across the Engine and Editor which meant that when you shipped your title, these were included. These have now been moved to their own plugins that can be individually enabled. This also means that since these tests are located in plugins, you can choose to include them with your packaged builds when you compile.

Plugins also can store content so that it no longer has to be kept in the Engine Content folder. Because of this change, the type of test being created will dictate where it should be stored. Use the table below to look at the test type and which plugin it should be stored with:.

Some tests are still in the Engine that has yet to be moved to a Plugin. These will be moved out over time to corresponding Plugins that can be found in the Plugins Browser listed under Testing.

In the left panel, select the Testing category and enable the test plugins you want to use. Once you've selected these, you will be prompted to restart the Editor. Click the Restart Now button.

ue4 functional testing

When you're testing your games or projects, the following are some general guidelines that Epic follows for its automation testing:. Don't assume the state of the game or the Editor. Tests can be run out of order or parallel across machines.For any software application, both Unit testing, as well as Integration testing, is very important as each of them employs a unique process to test a software application. Unit testing means testing individual modules of an application in isolation without any interaction with dependencies to confirm that the code is doing things right.

Integration testing means checking if different modules are working fine when combined together as a group. Functional testing means testing a slice of functionality in the system may interact with dependencies to confirm that the code is doing the right things. Unit testing considers checking a single component of the system whereas functionality testing considers checking the working of an application against the intended functionality described in the system requirement specification.

On the other hand, integration testing considers checking integrated modules in the system. And, most importantly, to optimize the return on investment ROIyour code base should have as many unit tests as possible, fewer integration tests and the least number of functional tests.

This is illustrated best in the following test pyramid:. Unit tests are easier to write and quicker to execute. The time and effort to implement and maintain the tests increases from unit testing to functional testing as shown in the above pyramid. Unit testing Example — The battery is checked for its life, capacity and other parameters. Sim card is checked for its activation. Integration Testing Example — Battery and sim card are integrated i. Functional Testing Example — The functionality of a mobile phone is checked in terms of its features and battery usage as well as sim card facilities.

There are much more such cases which come to the mind of a functional tester while performing functional testing. But a developer cannot take up all cases while building Unit and Integration test cases.

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Thus, there are a plenty of scenarios that are yet to be tested even after unit and integration testing. Here unit can be the smallest part of an application that is testable, be it the smallest individual function, method, etc. Software developers are the ones who write the unit test cases. Net framework etc. Integration testing is testing the integration of different part of the system together. Two different parts or modules of the system are first integrated and then integration testing is performed.

The aim of integration testing is to check the functionality, reliability, and performance of the system when integrated. Integration testing is performed on the modules that are unit tested first and then integration testing defines whether the combination of the modules give the desired output or not.

There are 3 different types of Integration testing approaches. Let us discuss each one of them briefly:. In this approach, all the modules or units are integrated and tested as a whole at one time. This is usually done when the entire system is ready for integration testing at a single point of time. Please do not confuse this approach of integration testing with system testing, only the integration of modules or units is tested and not the whole system as it is done in system testing.

After this, the lower levels are integrated one by one until the last level is put together and tested. The top-down approach is a very organic way of integrating as it is consistent with how things happen in the real environment. It is easier to detect issues or errors at the lower levels. Having had enough discussion about unit testing and integration testing, let us quickly go through the differences between the two in the following table:.

For any functionality, the number of test cases written can vary from one to many. In Requirement based testing, test cases are created as per the requirement and tested accordingly.

Automation System Overview

In a Business scenario based functional testing, testing is performed by keeping in mind all the scenarios from a business perspective. Hope this article would have given you a clear idea about Unit, Integration and Functional testing along with their differences, though there are much more to these forms of testing!!Automation Testing Should be on the Roadmap.

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Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Hey Unreal folks. Unreal Engine is a thing of beauty and I feel it deserves to have beautiful automation testing as well.

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When I say "automation testing" I'm referring to the spectrum of unit, functional and smoke tests. Why isn't it on the Roadmap? I looked through the Trello Roadmap and the only card I see that is related to automation involves the screenshot capture system.


I don't see any other cards that are related to automation testing. I can perhaps understand some reasoning for this by looking at numbers. I'm not saying that is the true reason that automation isn't on the roadmap, it's just me trying to understand the busy world of Epic and feature priorities.

Why it should be on the Roadmap It's simple. Quality shipping products use automation, kind of like you folks do for Unreal Engine. You might make a thin argument that from the subset of users who will ever release a product on UE4, the majority of them would at least like to have automated tests in their shipping code. And if we can't agree on that then I'm sure we can all agree that all shipping products would benefit from some level of automation testing.

It seems like all the pieces are in place for automation testing in UE4, but some of the glue is missing. If an experienced developer can read all of the documentation and then spend 2 hours failing to get sample code to compile then something somewhere is fundamentally broken. This is the current state of automation testing in UE4. What are the specific issues? It just doesn't work!

Imagine Joe User sitting down at his computer for a day of work. He's got Visual StudioUE4 binary 4. He has been tasked with writing a couple unit tests. He copies and pastes the sample code into his unit test, hits compile, the compile fails. Poor Joe! He scours the documentation again, looking for any mention of required include files that he missed but comes up empty.

After manually tracking down required include files by grep'ing through the source, he realizes that his project is missing an entire module.

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He starts to wonder if this is even meant to work on the binary engine, he looks through the documentation again to see if this is mentioned but finds nothing. He considers adding the missing module but is concerned about how this might affect the shipping game.

This user story highlights a couple issues. It doesn't tell me: What include files are required What engine distribution is required binary vs source What module dependencies need to be added to my build A general strategy for testing, mocking, etc. If these broken chains are meant to be filled by a missing module then it would be great to at least have a pragma somewhere to print a warning out.

Disconnected Workflow The workflow for adding a new automation test is disconnected from all other workflows. Automation tests could benefit from using this workflow to generate the skeleton class with the correct includes. Hit compile and see what happens. Please consider beefing up automation in future releases! Last edited by hyperdr1ve ;PM. Reason: add link for unit testing docs.This section is for helpful services by many of our services: from localisation and QA to HR and marketing!

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